I’m Lillian Hernandez

My Mission is to help you to confront the unknowns of life with ease and courage, while providing you with strategies to shift your mindset.

My Vision is for women of color to identify their independence, accept their freedom, and live out their dream life with courage and confidence on a daily basis.

Lillian Hernandez

Hello! I’m Lillian Hernandez, Owner and Confidence Coach for First Class Dreams.

Born and raised, and fortunate to still live in San Francisco, CA aka The City or Frisco.

I started my career in the Real Estate industry in 2004, and have worked my way through various positions and jobs, until 2018 when I said, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I QUIT!

Well, that’s the quick story, it was actually a 2 year journey before I took my official leap of faith, which required A LOT of internal work aimed towards rediscovery, preparation, and acceptance.

I am a firm believer that when you are truly READY for that next level of your life, God and the Universe will always make a way, even when it doesn’t make sense.

And that’s exactly what occurred.

I was faced with a real life personal matter, that required me to choose between work or family, and without hesitation I immediately knew my answer.


So, in January of 2018, I went from 9 to 5 into the unknown, and officially became a self-employed office dropout.

Throughout the past half a decade as an Entrepreneur, working from home, learning about myself from a new lens, I knew deep down, that there had to be MORE TO LIFE than sitting at this desk, alone, paper chasing all day, and I don’t just mean money.

Again, I began to do THE WORK.

I always knew I wanted to give back, in some way shape or form, I just didn’t know how or when it would occur.

But before I could fully understand WHY I was experiencing this restlessness, I had to dig deep, get uncomfortable, invest in my personal development and healing, to ultimately uncover my true passions and purpose.

Which is what ultimately lead me to COACHING!

Fun Facts:

I love going to concerts, my first one was Janet Jackson at the age of 8 for her Janet tour. Let’s just say the bar was set high after that, which explains my deep love and adoration for Beyonce, the greatest entertainer of our generation.

But when I am not talking about Beyonce, I absolutely love and enjoy traveling, listening to music, dancing, trying new foods and drinks, playing basketball, hitting the golf range, and most importantly spending time and creating new memories with my family and friends.

My Approach


Identifying and achieving specific, actionable goals. With an emphasis on strengths, solutions, and forward progress. Defining desired outcomes and developing a step-by-step plan to reach them.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching aims to create profound and lasting change in clients’ lives. Coaches help clients explore their values, beliefs, and thought patterns, enabling them to shift their mindset and behavior. It often involves deep self-reflection and personal growth.


Accountability coaching is centered on helping clients stay on track toward their goals by providing structure, support, and regular check-ins. Coaches hold clients accountable for taking action and making progress, often through a structured accountability system.

How Do I Know if a Coach is Right for Me?

Feeling stuck? Lack Direction? Or perhaps you are in need of additional accountability, especially with overcoming challenges in your personal or professional life.

If you struggle with self-doubt, low self-esteem, or lack of self-confidence, a life coach can assist you in building a positive self-image and self-belief.

Among other areas of life we can explore together.

Let’s connect and you can decide.




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